Our Process


The I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. With the final sign off, the project is ready for launch. With the previous three stages completed, this is the easiest and most exciting part!

Phase 4 includes:

  • Final Approval
  • Final Deployment
  • Deployment Messaging


Things start taking shape. The production phase is where we do most of the work. Videos are shot and edited. Websites grow form 2-D drafts to beta testing sites. Copy is created and edited for final approval. Prints are finalized and sent to be mass-produced. All parts are created, approved and await the final order.

Phase 3 includes:

  • Rough Edits and Sample Cuts
  • Beta Mockups
  • Production-ready Designs
  • Launch messaging and deployment is scheduled


During the Ideation phase we create the blueprint for planning and drafting all technical needs identified in the Discovery phase. Overall creative concepts and themes are finalized and the marketing vehicles are picked. A hard schedule is determined for production and deployment.

Phase 2 includes:

  • Creative Briefs
  • Wireframes
  • Technical Documentation
  • Production Schedule


The Discovery phase addresses the most fundamental requirements for project success. Goals are determined, ideas are vetted and a path is charted. Unification and a shared vision is created to ensure a common understanding between the team and client.

Phase 1 includes:

  • Project Kickoff
  • Whiteboard session
  • Business Requirements
  • Project Plan