Web Design

Think about it. What’s your first step when you want to learn about a company? You jump online and check out the site. First impressions matter, so you have to make them count.

Graphic Design

Ground Floor Creative is an Indianapolis-based marketing firm specializing in online presence and branding. We provide professional and affordable marketing solutions.


Ground Floor Creative will help you plan, produce, and distribute videos through all digital media. Whether your audience is mobile, on the web, or concentrated on social media, we will help you strategically identify the best methods to reach your customers, and then deliver unmatched video content that delivers results.

Social Media

Guiding your organization into the social media landscape can be daunting. With so many tools to choose from – Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and so on – you’re not alone in struggling to identify the ones that will best represent your brand and connect with customers.